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Beauty with brass knuckles describes the hottest talent poised to rock the Hollywood music scene, as Aza takes the industry by storm with her own brand of pop. For Aza music was a childhood friend she kept throughout adulthood, and as she emerges as pop music’s newest female superstar, she is a force to be reckoned with.


Growing up in Ukraine, she participated and won numerous beauty pageants and talent shows. Since coming to Los Angeles, Aza has become a member of SAG. Appearing in several television shows and movies such as “That 70’s show”, “That’s so Raven”, “Must love dogs” among many others.


The Ukrainian born beauty has already earned the coveted title of international superstar. In 2006 she was in France in Cannes international film festival with her film, written, produced and starred in by her titles "Miss Nobody" The controversial story about clones and the highly debated issue about stem cell research. Aza expresses her own views in this movie and potential outcome and consequences in very witty and entertaining manner. The movie was recognized by the world entertainment industry professionals as being a unique work performed by a young female producer and received critical acclaim.


Actress, executive producer, singer, songwriter, composer, Aza's extensive accomplishments also include the song "Hunky Santa" from her debut album "High Speed" that hit #50 on radio charts nationwide. Aza's impressive achievements have proven that this is only the beginning. With her beauty, talent and business sense to match she will continue to rock the world for years to come. Aza is currently working on her next album and on a television reality show with an amazing creative format. Experience Aza, she is addictive. Once you hear her and see her you can't get enough.

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